With Black Friday & Christmas fast approaching millions of shoppers will be hunting for online ‘bargains’ during the sales event so here are some Top Tips for Members on how to protect your Debit Card.





Beware of Money Transfers


ATM Skimming

ATM skimming is when criminals electronically “skim” the Magnetic Stripe at the back of a card in order to steal a card’s details and PIN during ATM transactions.

Distraction Fraud

ATM Distraction Fraud is when criminals approach you when you are using the ATM and create a distraction. During this distraction the criminals will attempt to steal your cash or your card having just previously shoulder surfed your PIN number.

A cash withdrawal at an ATM is generally, safe with the vast majority of ATM transactions happening without any problem. However, ATMs are in public areas and sometimes can attract Card data such as card number, expiry date, CVV and 3D Secure information is a valuable commodity to criminals and can be bought by and sold to other criminals. This data is used to make fraudulent online purchases, often for highly re-saleable goods that can quickly be turned in to cash.
Criminals use various tactics to get this information including:



Malware / Trojan