Dubco staff are continuing to work from home and are ready to help members with any queries they may have. They can also help further explain some of the essential services (listed below) that we can offer you and your family, that may be beneficial during these difficult times. Our current hours of business are Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.

We remain open for business, both online (website: www.dubco.ie & email: info@dubco.ie) and by phone (Tel. 018870400).

Please note we will be closed on Friday 10th April, Easter Monday 13th April & Tuesday 14th April 2020.

Some of the helpful services we can offer you & your family include:
Current Account & Debit Card

Now is an ideal time to open a Current Account with Dubco Credit Union. You can access your money through a Mastercard® Debit Card, a secure app and online portal, including mobile functionality. You can also pay your bills, withdraw cash, utilise contactless payments and pay at point of sale anywhere in the world. There is a very useful overdraft facility that members can apply for to help with those unexpected expenses.

We would also like to inform members that to help during these difficult times, we have decided to suspend quarterly maintenance fees on our Current Accounts until 1st October 2020.

For a full list of features & benefits click here.

How can you sign up?

Members can apply for a Current Account online by clicking here. You must be registered to access Online Banking with Dubco to sign up online. If you are not registered  for online access please click here to register.

Budget Bill Pay Account

The Budget Bill Pay helps members to manage their reoccurring household bills by allowing them to pay a set amount each week/fortnight/month to Dubco and we will pay your bills as they fall.

There is also an overdraft facility on this account to help ensure that all bills are paid, even if a number of them fall in quick succession.

How does it work?

The Budget Bill Pay Account is a secure, flexible payment services account which gives you a manageable way to make sure your regular, reoccurring household expenses are paid by effectively spreading your costs across the year. To learn more, click on the button below.

Introduce new members

Did you know that if you introduced someone to Dubco we’ll give you a €30 One4all voucher? The more new members you introduce, the more €30 One4all vouchers you’ll receive, simple!

To see who in your extended family you can introduce to Dubco, click here.

Register for Online Access

Apply for a PIN and you will be able to access your Dubco account online from anywhere in the world. With online access you can make withdrawals, view previous transactions and add new payees. To register for Online Access, click the button below and follow all the steps.

Loan Flexibility Request Form

If you are struggling to pay a loan and you need to make a change with us, we will ask for supporting proof of your request, but we are realistic about how easy or not this may be. We have several options to suit different circumstances of members and we will discuss these with you when you get in contact. To discuss this further with a member of staff, simply click on the button below and complete our Loan Flexibility Request Form.

Online Payments

Now more than ever being able to manage your finances from home is important. Dubco have set up the facility for you to make payments using your debit card to your own account, or to another member’s account, even if you have not registered for online access. Click on the button below to access this service.

Download an Authority & Indemnity Form

It is important for all members to have an Authority & Indemnity Form on file. An Authority & Indemnity Form gives us your permission to take instruction from you over the phone and by email. It will also capture your bank details, which means we can send funds directly from your Dubco account to your bank account.

If you would like to discuss any of the services highlighted above with a member of staff, please give us a call on 018870400 or emal us at info@dubco.ie. We’re here to help.